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Export Controls

SEMI works to avoid unilateral controls on commercial technology

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Essential Business

SEMI educates on industry role in critical infrastructure

 Global Trade 557px


SEMI focuses on enhancing market access

SEMI Global Advocacy delivers MORE value for the $2 trillion electronics industry. Promoting free trade, open markets and the protection of intellectual property (IP), SEMI has served as the voice of the semiconductor industry since 1970 – advocating and influencing public policy to speed time to better business results for members worldwide. SEMI meets with lawmakers to advance the industry’s interests and influence policy around trade and export controls, taxes, IP, research and development, STEM education, workforce development, and environment, health and safety.

Get involved or contact SEMI’s advocacy staff for perspectives and positions on vital industry issues. SEMI’s long and proven track record of success influencing public policy includes efforts ranging from decontrolling anisotropic plasma dry etching equipment to modernizing the international taxation system and maintaining the R&D credit in the United States. SEMI Advocacy delivers MORE value for your business.

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Intellectual Property

SEMI supports strong protections and better enforcement for IP, and is involved in global research and education in this area.

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Tax Reform

SEMI supports tax policies that will ensure that all companies can compete on a level playing field.


Immigration Reform

Immigration is central to innovation and economic growth. SEMI supports efforts that will reform the current immigration system and allow talent to come to and stay in the United States.

Electronics Design

R&D Funding

SEMI advocates for government support of basic research, math and science education to fuel continuous advances in microelectronics technologies.

Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

SEMI members collaborate to address critical environment, health and safety issues to assure sustainable industry operations.

Workforce Development Ajit Manocha

SEMI Foundation

The SEMI Foundation supports education and career awareness in the field of high technology through a variety of interactive programs.

Global Advocacy Contacts

We want to hear from you! Let us know what issues are important to you, your employees, and your company. Share your feedback and let us now how we can better serve your Advocacy interests.

Joseph Pasetti

Vice President, Global Public Policy & Advocacy

Emir Demircan

Director, Advocacy and Public Policy
SEMI Europe

Junko Collins

Senior Manager, Standards & Advocacy
SEMI Japan

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